1. Booking system is not allowed. Teams that have paid the registration fee will immediately be registered to the competition.
  2. No refund will be given once any payment has been made.
  3. Participants are expected to show up at least 30 minutes before the start of the competition.
  4. Participants are not allowed to operate any kind of communication device while competing.
  5. Participants that fail to show up after 10 minutes will be considered WO (Walk Out)/withdrawn from the competition.
  6. Flaming during the competition is strictly prohibited. If the number of cumulative flaming incident for a team reaches 3(THREE) the team will be disqualified.
  7. During the competition, participants have to dress neatly, appropriately and wear a pair of shoes.
  8. Participants must obey the rules and regulations of the competition they are registered in.
  9. Participants who violate any of the general rules and regulations in this competition will be given a sanction, which may end in disqualification
  10. Complaints from participant and/or their companions (with the requirement, the companion was present throughout the course of the competition) is allowed and will be considered after the competition
  11. The rules and regulations may change without prior notice
  12. The committees' decision is final and cannot be contested

  1. Tidak ada sistem booking. Tim yang bayar akan langsung didaftarkan
  2. Bagi tim yang mengundurkan diri saat sudah melakukan pembayaran maka uang pendaftaraannya akan tdk dikembalikan
  3. Seluruh peserta wajib datang 30 menit sebelum pertandingan dimulai
  4. Semua alat komunikasi dilarang utk dipakai saat kompetisi berlangsung
  5. Semua peserta yang telat lebih dari 10 menit setelah kompetisi dimulai akan dihitung gugur
  6. Dilarang berkata kotor selama bermain. 3x berkata kotor akan dianggap gugur
  7. Wajib memakai pakaian yang sopan dan memakai sepatu
  8. Semua peserta harus mematuhi peraturan yang berlaku
  9. Peserta yang melanggar aturan akan terkena sanksi berupa diskualifikasi
  10. Komplain dari peserta dan/atau teman-teman mereka (dengan ketentuan, temannya ini selalu hadir sepanjang kompetisi) itu diizinkan dan akan dikonsiderasi setelah kompetisi
  11. Peraturan bisa saja berganti tanpa adanya pemberitahuan
  12. Keputusan komiti adalah mutlak dan tidak bisa diganggu gugat

Elimination Mode: Single Elimination

Team Detail: 5 Players + 1 Subs + 1 Coach/Manager

The map pool includes the following maps (Valve official)

  • Cobblestone
  • Cache
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Overpass
  • Train
  • Nuke

Single-game match

A single-game match is played in a single game and opposes two teams of five players. A game is played on one map in two times of 15 in-game rounds. For each half-time, teams play alternatively terrorist and counter-terrorist, and score one point by winning one in-game round. The winner of a game is the first team which scores 16 in-game rounds. The winner of a match is the team that has won one game. A single-game match is considered a tie if both teams have 15 in-game rounds. If one team scores 16 in-game rounds, the match end and the remaining rounds are not to be played.

Tie-breaker match

If both teams are tied at the end of a game, overtimes are played until the winner is declared. Such overtimes are composed of 2 half-times of 3 in-game rounds and use particular game settings. For overtime, team doesn’t switch sides at the end of the match. In case of a draw after all 30 rounds have been played, an overtime will be played with MR3 start money 10,000 mode. For the start of the overtime, both teams will stay on the side which they played the previous half on. During half-time sides will be swapped. Teams will continue to play overtimes until a winner has been found.


The team that is called more than 15 minutes but did not show up will be disqualified from the tournament and the enemy will automatically win the game.

One player can only play for one team, you can contact the CS:GO committee to change players if you got this problem (it is better to inform the committee before you get caught, resulting in disqualification).

Everyone has to use proper recognizable nickname with clan tags with minimum playing hours of 500 hours of playing.

All participants are allowed to bring their own equipment, such as keyboard, mouse (no illegal macro), etc.

Maps will be decided by doing Veto (Map Ban) by each team captain. The last map that was not banned by each team will be played in the game.


Match is interrupted if one of the players crashed or disconnected. The player must come back as quickly as possible (3 minutes maximum).

A team may “pause” the game at the end of the current round or during freeze time to allow the player to come back. A team can’t pause the game during the current round unless it has been expressly authorized by the tournament officials.

15 minutes of warm-up time will be given before the game for the players to change settings or to do their preparation.

Match start with Knife Round to decide the sides for each team. The winner of Knife Round can choose their sides (CT/’s) on the first half of the game. Admins’ decision has higher power than any rule. If any situation arises during the event, the referee responsible should be contacted immediately. Admins may make decisions that are different from the rulebook to preserve fair play and sportsmanship

  • 32 teams in a single-elimination bracket
  • Amateur League
  • Series Type
    • 1st Round (BO 1)
    • 2nd Round (BO 3)
    • Quarter Finals (BO 3)
    • Semi-Finals (BO 3)
    • 3rd Place Match (BO 3)
    • Grand Finals (BO 5)
  • Lobby Settings
    • Server Location: Singapore
    • Game Mode: Captains Mode
    • Game Visibility: Public
    • Spectators: Enabled
    • DOTA TV Delay: 2 Minutes
  1. All players should be present 1 hour and half before their scheduled game.
  2. Maximum allowed time for lateness is 10 minutes, if the team is not present by then, they will be immediately disqualified.
  3. Professional teams are blacklisted and is not allowed to compete.
  4. Team Tags must be used.
  5. Player name used in-game must be the same as registered name.
  6. Foreign letters, excess use of numbers, symbols and accented letters are not permitted.
  7. Steam profile picture must be appropriate (team logo not required).
  8. If playing member is absent, use of stand-in is allowed (max 2).
  9. Max pauses per team, per match: 3 pauses.
  10. Max pause duration is determined by admin on site.
  11. In the event of pausing, player must issue reason in all-chat.
  12. Game remake is only allowed if technical difficulties happen, and is under discretion of BINGO Admin.
  13. In event of remake, all-pick mode lobby will be used and teams must pick the same heroes they drafted.
  14. Trash talking is prohibited. In any event, if any form of violence or conflict happens outside of the match. Both teams are immediately disqualified without warning.
  15. When any player or team receives 3 warnings, they will be immediately disqualified.
  16. All chat for important matters only. Doing so without reason will warrant an offense (1 warning).
  17. Any action that will harm tournament’s equipment is prohibited (1 warning).
  18. No excessive cheering.
  19. Console command is allowed.
  20. No SARA.
  21. Any kind of bug and cheats are not allowed. Doing so will result in disqualification.
  22. If any problem occurs during the tournament, decision of admins and tournament organizers are final.

Allowed (and recommended) to bring your own peripherals

Default peripherals:

  1. Mouse
  2. Keyboard
  3. Mousepad
  4. Headset

  1. All tournament rules applied are official rules that are written by Garena Indonesia, with adjustments
  2. Rules can be changed without prior notice. Players are informed to check the rules regularly
  3. Teams that are participating in the tournament are deemed to have prior knowledge and agree to the regulations
  4. Languages that can be used within the tournament are Bahasa Indonesia and English
  5. All rules are inviolable
  6. All players are expected to uphold sportsmanship and fair play
  7. All players must take care of the property at the venue. If there are damages done to the property, responsible players will be disqualified from the tournament and must replace the damaged property
  8. Since this is a rookie tournament, those who are currently participating in LoL Garuda Series are NOT ALLOWED to participate in this competition
  9. Those under the WAITING LIST, may still be able to join if any of the designated team fails to come on that day
  1. The map that would be used is Summoner’s Rift (5 vs 5)
  2. One of the team captains will create a custom game with the room name “BINGO [team name 1] vs [team name 2]”. The game type that will be used is TOURNAMENT DRAFT
  3. Game would be declared over when either one of the Nexus is destroyed, or one of the teams surrendered
  4. Chat will only be allowed within teams. Chat given to the opposing teams will be treated as flaming and will be penalized accordingly.
  5. Pause would be allowed throughout the game if any one of the team members is experiencing problems that disrupts the flow of the game.
  6. Warning point system is applied during the game:
    1. Teams that are given 3 (three) warning points within one game will be disqualified from the current game, and the team is treated as lost on the current game.
    2. Teams that are given 5 (five) warning points throughout the tournament will be disqualified from the tournament.
    3. Usage of inappropriate words and words that are considered as flaming during the game will be penalized, and the team will be given 1 (one) warning point.
    4. Players that leave the tournament zone during a game will be given 1 (one) warning point to the team.
  7. Spectators/supporters are to keep the tournament area conducive. Spectators/supporters that disturbs the tournament area will be carried out of the tournament area, and the teams that they support would be given 1 (one) warning point.
  1. Teams that come incomplete (less than 5 people) during the specified time will be given a grace period of 15 minutes. If the teams are still incomplete after the grace period, the team will be treated as WO for said game
  2. Teams are only allowed to compete with the specified team members. Teams will be given a certain time to change their team members for each game. No change of team members is allowed after the team members have been finalized
  3. All teams are required to do a re-registration on the venue before the game starts
  4. Team shuffling will be done by the competition organizer right before the tournament begins
  5. Installations of programs and/or drivers during the tournament are not allowed
  6. All portable drives are not allowed to be plugged into the tournament computers
  7. Teams will be given 10 minutes for preparation before each match
  8. If personal gaming gears are unusable during the tournament, teams must use gears that are available in the tournament venue
  9. All personal equipment are to be cleared after the game, and all venue equipment are to be restored/re plugged

The Binus International Game Olympics (BINGO) 2017 FIFA 17 is a local tournament played on video game FIFA 17 by Electronic Arts. The event of BINGO 2017 tournament qualifications and final is managed by BINGO Committee.

Rules Committee
The current Rules and Regulations are decided and written by Head of FIFA BINGO 2017 committee.

These Rules apply to each players who have qualified or selected.

Rules Update
The FIFA BINGO 2017 Committee have the rights to modify the rules from time to time without notice.

During the match player must:

  1. Not interact in any way with other people except his opponent and referee
  2. Remain seated at his station assigned by the tournament referee
  3. Not intentionally manipulate controller of his opponent

Game Settings

  1. Mode: Kick Off
  2. Level: World Class
  3. Time of Day: 08:00 PM Day
  4. Season: Summer
  5. Weather: Clear
  6. Game Speed: Normal
  7. Team: Club/Nation (you can pick different team each match)
  8. Half Length: 6 min
  9. Multiplayer Camera: Tele Broadcast
  10. Camera settings: Default
  11. Time/Score Display: On
  12. Radar: 2D or 3D
  13. Injuries: ON
  14. Offsides: ON
  15. Same team is allowed

Team and Controller settings

  1. Tactics: by default (Only tactics of the game will be allowed)
  2. Passing Power Assistance: OFF
  3. Defending: Tactical Defending
  4. FIFA Trainer: OFF

Group Stage
If a match in group stages ended up with a tied score, it implies to follow these rules:

  1. The game doesn’t have to use the extra-time rule.
  2. The game doesn’t have to use the penalty shoot-out rule.

Home Away Play-off Stage
Score will be based on aggregate, if ended with the tied score home away, it implies to follow these particular rules on the SECOND Match:

  1. The game must use the extra-time game settings.
  2. The game must use the penalty shoot-outs game settings.

Team Selection

Before each match, both players will give to the tournament referee the name of the team they will use. Player won’t know the opponent team used until both of them communicated their choice to the referee.


In-game pause
Player can pause the game to change strategy and players only two times per game and when game is stopped (ie: offside, touchline, fouls etc).
Exceptionally player can pause the game each time one of his player is sent off or is injured to change him and his strategy.

5.1 Forbidden behaviors

  1. Refuse to follow Referee instructions
  2. Arrive late at his convocation schedule (15 minutes) match loss
  3. Show dissent by word or action
  4. Use insulting language and/or gestures
  5. Use insulting language in-game
  6. Is guilty of unsporting behavior
  7. Misleading on his identity (fake nick or identity usurpation)
  8. Misleading or dupe any Referee
  9. Don’t put any effort to win match
  10. Try to manipulate group ranking

5.2 Sanctions
After discovery of any Player and Coach committing any violations of the present rules, the Regulations Committee may apply the following sanctions:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Match Loss
  3. Disqualification